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In 1946, at the age of six, he entered the world of theatre by inventing games in the Andean landscape of his Colombian hometown. He used to invite neighbours and friends to play with him, and hide from grownups in the intricate coffee plantations, where they created fantastic stories full of surprise and imagery.

As an adult, he set himself to retrieve the spirit of those forbidden games and to develop a poetic of the senses that would endow them with meaning. This research took him to the National Drama School in Bogota and to Michigan where he studied theatre anthropology. In USA, he set up street performances in Commedia dell’Arte style as part of Harlem’s festivities with New York’s La Mamma theatre, and worked on Poetics of the Object with Peter Schuman from Bread and Puppet.

After that, he spent 20 years researching games, myths and rituals from the Colombian Amazonic region, and teaching Dramatic Art of the Sensory Image at Colombia’s National University. This research inspired the foundation of Teatro de los Sentidos and it's first trademark labyrinth production Ariadna's Thread, which soon launched the company into Europe where many of the current members of the company joined in.

Now Enrique lives in Barcelona, where he continues to be the Artistic Director of the Company and of "Caixa d’Eines", the headquarters in Spain of the School of the Senses. A box of research and creative tools in the "Polvorí",(an old gunpowder factory in Barcelona) without any expectations of finding an answer.

Because for him questions are more than enough.



Is an Italian designer, performer, and director as well as the Artistic Coordinator of the School of the Senses. She started her career as a designer in 1983 collaborating with acclaimed Italian theater companies. However, early on her research shifted towards the idea of the stage and the set as livable spaces and she started to explore dramaturgical construction as well. 

She has been a researcher in Teatro de los Sentidos since 1996. Ever since, she has specialized in the poetics of inhabiting an imaginary space, the work of inhabiting vs. acting and designs, too, the costumes and masks of all the company's productions. 
She collaborates with Enrique Vargas and the core members of the company in the educational project of the company (the School of the Senses) including a Postgraduate course and a Master's degree in Barcelona and ongoing workshops in Centro Culturale il Funaro (Italy) 

She has conducted numerous workshops on sensorial theater in Denmark along with company member Betina Birkjær and Enrique Vargas at Republique Theater and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture amongst other places. 

In Italy, she develops multidisciplinary, educational projects for teachers and educators using visual arts and theater. She conducts classes in costume and mask making as well as stage design for university students, and she also collaborates with museums, schools and theaters. 



Holds a Bachelor’s degree in drama (2000) and Integrative Body Therapy degree (2007). She has also taken workshops by the Grotowski Center, Cristiana Morganti (Pina Bausch), and she also studied Systemic theatre, Meisner technique and Biomechanics. 

For 15 years, her research has focused on the territory where theater and personal growth cross, exploring the transversal lines that connect fiction and art making with self-awareness. 
In 2002, she joined international company Teatro de los Sentidos as a co-creator and inhabitant of their installation-performances, as well as an instructor of the company’s educational platform including a Master’s degree in collaboration with the University of Girona. Her last creation with Teatro de los Sentidos has been Heart of Darkness, inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novel, commissioned and presented by Republique in Copenhagen in 2014. 
She has developed her own artistic methodology. Her focus is on the importance of foundations and the need of a global meaning. This methodology acts as a catalyst for an awareness process. 

She has been applying this method to students of different ages and social backgrounds, as well as teaching methodology courses to different professionals like teachers, social workers, theatre directors and therapists. 
Among other institutions, she has worked with CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre Barcelona), National School of Theatre of Andorra, Theatre School of Mataró, Caixa Escena Festival and Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, CISPA (Copenhague International School Performing Arts) and Teater Huset. 

She currently lives in Copenhagen.



Italian artist based in Barcelona since 2003 with an extensive career as a set designer and creator of sensorial spaces and installations. Originally trained as an actress and dancer, she shifted her education towards the visual arts, learning the craft of upholstering, carpentry and decoration with traditional Italian masters.

She worked for 5 years for ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) creating sets and costumes for numerous productions.

She has been a member of Teatro de los Sentidos since 1999, being a co-creator and space designer of it's most outstanding. She´s responsible for the making of the site-specific, richly detailed sensorial sets, from the conceptual design to the hand-crafted details which have come to be one of the company´s visual trademarks.

In 2015 she presented her first piece as a director: DOPO, an inhabited installation which premiered at the Festival VIE in Modena (Italy)

Simultaneously, she has been investigating sensorial installation in outdoors spaces, working for 5 years in the Chilean Patagonia where she has conducted numerous workshops and has specialized in building houses and structures on trees.



Betina Birkjær works as performer, writer and installationartist plus teacher. Betina is trained from Cantabile 2 School of Stage Arts. Since 2005 Betina has been a member of Teatro de Los Sentidos. Betina has given workshops in the sensoric theatrelanguage since 2008 with the memory and visuality as focus.



It's an international group of artists-researchers based in Barcelona with 20 years of experience under the artistic direction of the company’s founder, Colombian anthropologist and dramaturge Enrique Vargas. Hand in hand, they create "games" to research the poetics of the senses.

They have developed a methodology which connects the sensorial languages, the poetics of games and theatrical creation. They build experiences which blur the line between audience and actors in traditional theater schemes to foster an interactive and creative participation of the audience in which they can explore labyrinthine spaces which, in the end, become an extension of their own psyche.

Teatro de los Sentidos has toured with its productions to most of the main art festivals in Europe and America as well as Asia and Oceania. In Denmark it has presented the productions The Echo of the Shadow (2005), City Puzzle (2009), Orakler (2012) and Heart of Darkness (2014) at REPUBLIQUE and Metropolis Festival.

Fundamentally a research-based group, the company has developed an extensive educational program through their School of the Senses, with an on-going program in Barcelona and Pistoia (Italy) including a Postgraduate course and a Master's Degree in Poetics of Play with the University of Girona (Spain).




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